Sunday, September 6, 2009

UUA President Peter Morales on health care

Rev. Morales says that the current health care debate should be informed by compassion and the democratic process both of which values seem to be trampled by certain segments of our society.

He didn't say it, but advocating for universal health care is Standing On The Side Of Love not profits.

As a mental health provider I can tell you the lack of health insurance is a huge impediment to people getting mental health care. In the two counties I work in, Genesee and Orleans there are two month waiting lists for service in the county mental health clinics. In my private office I see many people pro bono and at reduced fees because I know they cannot afford my fee. I consider my Psychotherapy practice as much a ministry as an income generating enterprise. As a private practitioner part- time I loose about 25% of my income which I could earn if I insisted on serving only people who can pay my full fee.

The difficulties we as a society have created for ourselves is when we allowed health care to become a profiting making business instead of a human service. This value of profit over people is capitalism out of control and we have paid and are paying huge spiritual price selling our souls to the devil for the money instead of ministering to our sick brothers and services.

While Morales says that the current debate offends two of the Unitarian Universalist values compassion and democratic decision making he, unfortunately, misses the more primary value of all the inherent worth and dignity of each individual. Putting money before the worth and dignity of human beings is the biggest sin and I am disappointed that Morales missed it and doesn't mention it in the clip.

Video lasts 1:26

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  1. Its sad that the new UUA president finds the health care debate too controversial to make a stand.

    To me, 47 million uninsured and people suffering and dying is a justice issue so serious that we cannot the luxury of glossing over the issue.