Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ford's article on Kneeland is excellent.

I enjoy Rev. James Ford's blog, Monkey Mind, a lot. I am sorry he took the comments off his articles but I understand why. The only way I can see to express my appreciation for his writing and thoughts and to comment is to do it on my own blog.

So, I want to thank Rev. Ford for his article today, Sunday, 12/20/09, on Abner Kneeland's desire to set himself apart from the Universalists of his day in 1833. Ford's article is well worth reading and I recommend it to you.

Rev. Ford's idea that we need both mind and heart to get to the kingdom is right on the money, but if I had to choose between the two, which is a false choice I admit, it is the heart. (Over on Boston Unitarian William Ellery Channing is describing the grandeur of the intellect.)

Rev. Kneeland seems to have gotten caught up in the creeds of his day which perhaps was necessary back then, but in our contemporary times I think Unitarian Universalism has moved beyond creeds to values and the most important value of all as Jesus said is love.

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