Friday, January 1, 2010

George Carlin on war

Warning - language is explicit


  1. "Warning - language is explicit"

    With George Carlin that almost goes without saying.

    I guess I could say the same thing about Peacebang and a number of other "less than polite" unmentionable U*U ministers I have the misfortune to know. Come to think of it there is little or nothing in George Carlin's humorous explicit "rant" that I haven't seen some "less than excellent" U*U ministers say in one way or another, including the f*cked up the U*U bit. . . And, somewhat serendipitously inspired by that previous observation, I think that the "less than polite" explicit language of those "less than polite" U*U ministers does kind of f*ck up The U*U Movement. Unfortunately for U*Us the UUA seems to thoroughly approve of U*U ministers using "four letter words" of various kinds. And so we have a little war of words on our hands that *can* be every bit as entertaining as George Carlin suggests here.

    That bit about Colon Powell and Dick Cheney, and someone getting f*cked in the ass seems to be quite apropos to Colin Powell's "less than truthful" presentation to the UN.

    Maybe Dick Fearless would be a good "altar ego" for The Dreaded Emerson Avenger. :-)


    You are going to spew your Bridgehead coffee today David. :-)

    It has just *come* to my *attention*, as a d*erect result of dreaming up yet another jU*UveNile "prick waving" U*U Jihad blog post, that North Korea* has a NO DONG EH? missile *included* in its arse*nal. :-)

    Seriously. ;-)

    BTW Don't tell anyone, butt I have heard an unsubstantiated rumour to the effect that ever so *outgoing* Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and some of *his* cronies would be only too happy to trade a few Iranian nuclear weapons, along with some Big Fat SHAHAB-3 variants of North Korea's NO DONG EH? missiles to launch them with, to his very good friend aka patsy aka U*Useful Idiot former UUA President Bill Sinkford and *his* cronies in exchange for a one way ticket to Boston and ever so inclusive sanctU*Uary in a Big Fat U*U Dick*tator Welcoming Congregation.

    * aka The Tiny Declining Fringe Nation