Sunday, February 28, 2010

64 days of nonviolence practice - Amends

Day 30 – AMENDS (Feb. 28)

Make amends today. Apologize to someone you may have hurt and mean your apology sincerely.

For more information about the 64 days of nonviolent practice click here.

We as Americans have not exercised our ability to repent and amends. Should we make amends to the blacks we enslaved, the Native Americans we have killed, the Viet Namese we invaded, the Iraqis whose land we invaded and destroyed? We, as a nation, have sinned seriously and have not recognized and acknowledged our sins let alone made amends for them. It is our arrogance and hubris that is destroying our nation.

Making of amends though starts with me. How can I make it up to the people I have harmed? How can I repair the damage I have done?

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