Monday, February 15, 2010

Boston Unitarian is resurrected while Chalicefire, RIP

I am very grateful and relieved this morning to find that Boston Unitarian has returned. Last week he said good bye and I have been grieving the loss. It is like a resurrection that Boston Unitarian has returned.

I read Boston Unitarian for the richness of the Unitarian Universalist tradition steeped as it is in Christianity. The blog is always well written and has excerpts from great Unitarian Universalist preachers and materials.

I highly recomment the blog to you.

Another loss this past week was the demise of Chalicefire, a blog which was started in 2007 and had almost 5,000 visitors during its run. The consulting pastor of Pullman Memorial Universalist Church wrote that the board at PMUC wanted it removed from the blogosphere. During its tenure it had 4,939 unique visitors who made 10,343 visits for 17,286 page views with the average visit lasting 2:04 minutes.

While blogging is a virtual reality and not the same as the human interaction which makes up church, it is an important way of transmitting information and knowledge and maybe a little wisdom to those who would see and read.

I am relieved that Boston Unitarian has returned. A double grief is what I awoke to this morning, and now all I have to deal with is one.


  1. I too am glad to hear that Boston Unitarian is back. I will go have a peek at what he has to say.

    As far as the ChaliceFire blog goes it seems to me that a good amount of its content is your own "intellectual property" David and that you should be able to reproduce the basic blog posts here or elsewhere on the internet. I would suggest holding off a bit on deleting the blog until you have looked into the legalities involved. It seems to me that Pullman Memorial Universalist Church may be trying to "memory hole" some less than flattering UU history.

  2. Many thanks for the kind words (here and in emails) They are very much appreciated. And my regrets about ChaliceFire. I wish you, however, years of continued expression here. Blessings, BU