Thursday, March 11, 2010

Belief = bad, Doubt = good

"The skeptical mind is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

It has been condemned by the religions because they were not capable of answering skeptical questions; they wanted only believers.

And the skeptical mind is just the opposite of the believer.

I am all in favor of the skeptical mind. Do not believe anything unless you have experienced it. Do not believe anything - go on questioning, however long it takes.

Truth is not cheap. It is not available to the believer; it is available only to the skeptic."

Osho, The God Conspiracy: The Path From Superstition to Superconsciousness, p.7

One of the defining values of Unitarian Universalism is the value in a free and responsible search for truth and meaning.

Unitarian Universalism may always be a small religion because we live in very insecure times when many people live in fear and want answers. Unitarian Universalism has no answers. We offer only the support for people to seek his/her truth. This support only appeals to a mature soul who is ready to begin a spiritual journey into the inner world. People are deathly afraid of what might be within them deep down. Their insecurities and inferiorities terrify them. They are afraid that they are not good enough to be lovable so they look for reassurance. They look for clues from others about what they have to do to measure up, to be acceptable, to be loved.

It is fear that turns people away from doubt and towards the illusory certitude of belief. When a person turns to belief as an antidote to insecurity, he/she have sold his/her soul to the devil.

We cannot become enlightened until we discover that there are no answers because our questions are inappropriate. Our questions are childish things which serves our egos. We do not become enlightened until we drop the ego and move past the questions and experience the very ground of our being at the base of our souls.

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