Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"...we are saying that good ends cannot justify immoral means. For example, defending one's coungtry or protecting freedom does not justify the use of weapons which kill indiscriminantly and threatens whole societies. We fear that our nation and world are headed in the wrong direction."

The Challenge Of Peace, Par. 332

U.S. Roman Catholic Bishops

This is an important, planet saving, topic that Unitarian Universalists and Roman Catholics can agree. The militarization of the United States, and its atomic arsenal, consitutes a threat to the whole planet. Could there be any more important topic which deserves our attention and action along with global warming?

As I reflect on my Roman Catholicism as a born again Unitarian Universalist, one of the aspects of my RC is its social justice teachings. There are segments of the Roman Catholic church that really try to live the Sermon On The Mount. I think it is in this area that RC and UU have a lot in common.

This is article #7 in a series on Unitarian Universalist Roman Catholicism.

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