Saturday, March 6, 2010

LAPD cuts ties to Boy Scouts due to BSA's discriminatory policies

From the San Francisco Chronicle on 11/03/09:

The Police Commission has voted to cut the Los Angeles Police Department's ties with an organization linked to Boy Scouts of America, which bars gays, atheists and agnostics from being troop leaders.

The organization, Learning for Life, was spun off from Boy Scouts of America, and runs the LAPD's Explorer program for teenagers interested in law enforcement careers.

The Police Commission also voted Tuesday to support a proposal for the department to run the Explorer program itself using donations, but no decision was made about starting a new youth program.

Officials said the Boy Scouts policy is "inconsistent" with the city's policy of non-discrimination.

I like the Boy Scouts of America. I was a Cub Scout and a Boy Scout and I got my children involved in Scouting as well.

Where I part company with the BSA, though, is in their discriminatory polcies towards gays and atheists. I think the LAPD commission did the right thing in cutting ties. If more organizations did this perhaps the BSA would re-think their policies.

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