Sunday, March 14, 2010

What religion is best for you?

Even if YOU don't know what faith you are, Belief-O-MaticTM knows. Answer 20 questions about your concept of God, the afterlife, human nature, and more, and Belief-O-Matic™ will tell you what religion (if any) you practice...or ought to consider practicing.

Take the 20 question survey and see if Unitarian Universalism is right for you. You can access the survey on by clicking here.

Interestingly, having been raised Roman Catholic and for most of my life identified myself as Roman Catholic, my #1 faith according to the survey is Unitarian Universalism and #2 was Quaker. My last match was Roman Catholic. My 28 year old daughter who took the survey a year ago and whom I raised Roman Catholic and sent to a Catholic all girls school for high school got the same results. How odd is that?

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  1. This is exactly how I discovered UU several years ago. I was UU#1 and Quaker #2

  2. I took the Belief-O-Matic quiz after I had attended the UU Church of Fort Lauderdale a few times and discovered the same results - UU # 1 and Quaker #2. I also am ex-Catholic and gave up religion for 40 years.

    Wolfman FL

  3. I took this quiz sometime more than 5 years ago and reached essentially the same results as just now: UU at #1, with Liberal Quaker, Theravada Buddhism, Liberal Christian and Neo-Paganism appearing in the top 10.

    However, as I took the survey I felt much of the time as if either the wrong questions were being asked altogether or my beliefs were not even represented in the choices available. No importance in the ranking is given to liturgy or tradition or style of worship. No distinction is made between different understandings of what spiritual practices are, do, or signify. And so on.

    I know enough about the various religions beliefs and practices to know that the order the survey assigns below the #1 slot is not correct. Non-Theism doesn't come in until #11. And Reform Judaism at #15. No other form of Judaism is included even though I know enough about comparative beliefs to place Reform Judaism in my top 5 and some other forms of Judaism in the top 10. Some religions I find rather distasteful are placed higher on the list than others that I respect.

    So I guess my advice would be: take the test...but take it with a grain of salt. It is not unlikely that a religion that would work for you is in your top five. But the order may be significantly wrong. And religions you greatly respect or use as a frequent resource may fall much farther down the list that religions that make you queasy.