Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Who is America's bellicose war god?

"God is not accountable to us for the senseless harm we cause one another. We are accountable to God."

Etty Hillesum (A concentration camp survivor)
An Interrupted Life

I fell queasy when American Presidents beat the war drums whether it was for Viet Nam, Iraq, or Afghan wars and end their speeches with "God bless America!"

These immoral wars are hardly anything which my God would bless America in perpetrating.

I don't know who this God is that these President's invoke in their corporate militarism. It must be a bellicose war god of some sort. It certainly is not the Father, Abba, of Jesus of Nazareth.

The human sacrifice on the altar of war to this god is signficant and I believe that future generations will be appalled as much as we are appalled at the human sacrifices of the Aztecs to appease their gods.

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