Sunday, April 4, 2010

April 4th is the 42nd anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assasination

Today, April 4, 2008, is the 42nd anniversary of the killing of Martin Luther King, Jr. in Memphis, Tennesee.

The year before on April,4, 1967, he gave a major sermon at Riverside Church in New York City entitled, "Beyond Viet Nam - A Time To Break Silence". In this sermon Martin Luther King, Jr. portrays his role as prophet and super patriot who has the spiritual courage to rebuke his own government, the United States of America.

His words are as true and prophetic today as they were 41 years ago. It is time for us as Americans to learn his lessons and apply them to our society and our relationships with other people in the world.

This video takes about 23 and 1/2 minutes and is well worth listening to. I highly recommend it.

Ain't gonna study war no more - 2 minutes

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