Saturday, April 17, 2010

From my friend, Robin Edgar

Hi David,

I tried posting the comment copied below around 10 pm last night but the public access computer I was using would not allow the comment to be published due to some kind of technical glitch. I have been in Boston since early this morning and sat in as an observer (indeed the only public observer) at the meeting of the "Excellence In Ministry" group. I made a few observations and politely suggested that one cannot talk about "Excellence In Ministry" without dealing with the flip side of that coin (i.e. "less than excellent" U*U ministers) as the meeting concluded. I was thanked for my input and, unless it is "memory holed", my name should appear in the minutes of that meeting. :-) I have yet to any display picket signs and will see if President Peter Morales and the UUA Board of Trustees would prefer to talk with me before doing so. Herewith the comment I tried to post last night -

:I am appalled that some people would start such a web site to attack you.

More likely some U*U ministers, not just run-of-the-mill U*Us. Both aforementioned U*U ministers are prime suspects in spite of their recent public denials of any involvement with the RES blog. The content and writing style has ****** written all over it, so if it is not **********writing it it is someone who is impersonating ****. I very much doubt the latter scenario.

:I am very sorry.

I'm not. I think it's a hoot and a wonderful foil with which to show up U*U hypocrisy.

:I know that I have been boycotted and shunned because of my willingness to allow your comments on this blog.

I am sorry to hear that David, but by no means surprised. As you know from our previous conversations I was concerned that this might happen. That is *one* of the reasons why I have not been commenting as much here.

:I have had several requests to disallow it but as you know, I admire you, and support your efforts to bring about the changes which you desire in the UUA and the denominational ostracism which you have been subjected to.

I am not surprised that you have had several requests to disallow my comments. No doubt a few from some U*U clergy.

:I personally and professionally have learned a lot from you and wish you only the best.

I am glad to hear that David. I may have some more things for you that have nothing to do with The U*U Movement.

:Unitarian Universalism is a challenging faith one of which many people don't understand and cannot engage with because of its high demands.

I don't find the demands to be very high at all and I see way too much evidence of U*Us making little or n effort to live up to aka honor and uphold the relatively moderate demands of U*U principles and ideals.

:I think your turn of the phase of Jesus that many are called but few are chosen into many are called but few choose is very insightful and accurate.

I do try to be insightful and accurate. :-)

:I appreciate your keen insight and reframe.

You're welcome David,

:I worry that the shunning and ostracism which you have been subjected to will destroy your spirit,

Don't worry about that David. My spirit is quite strong and I am emotionally tough.

:but you seem to be strong and you certainly are not a quitter.

No kidding. :-)

:You remind me a bit of John the Baptist who is calling the people to repent but instead they arrest you and cut off you head.

Well they have certainly had me arrested a few times, but have yet to cut off my head. We will see if I am arrested in Boston over the weekend. . . My bus leaves in an hour. :-)

:Your prophetic voice is much needed in the Unitarian Universalist world and is vastly misunderstood and rejected when it is really worthy of understanding and acceptance.

Agreed. We will see how much understanding and acceptance I receive in Boston this weekend but my picket sign slogans are not going to pull any punches.

:All the best and thanks for your comments which are always welcome here.

Glad to hear that David. I was not sure to what extent my comments were still welcome. No worries about me flooding you though.

:I have tried to create a blog space which is safe and respectful to all. Unfortunately, what is said sometimes is scarey for people and they would prefer to silence the voices they disagree with rather than attempt to understand what is behind the harsh and critical words.

U*Us have been trying to silence me for well over a decade now David and, while they may have muted me a little bit on occasion, they will never silence me unless they quite literally cut off my head. I will keep you posted about my Boston protest this weekend. You have the dU*Ubious honor of being the first person of worth and dignity to be officially told by the dreaded Emerson Avenger that it is going ahead.

Best Regards,

Robin Edgar

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  1. Yah, that Robin Edgar Sucks blog is about the least UU thing a UU could do in my mind, and it pisses me off.

    One of the things that bugs me the most is, look, we're writing blogs folk. Blogs are in the public sphere. There's a reason why you post on a blog and not keep a private journal, it's so others can see your thoughts. And if you want some people to see your thoughts and comment on them, you have to be ready for everyone to see your thoughts and comment on them. The only thing that bugs me is an off-topic comment, just because, well, off-topic comments *anywhere* from *anybody* bug me :D [I guess I'm a little OCD in that sense - everything has its place.]

    Now, that being said, I also write using a penname. And the sole reason for that is I live in Atlanta. I talk about being gay. I could, and probably would, be fired if my bosses knew I was gay. That's perfectly legal in Georgia. So, hence, why I use a penname. If and when I work for a company or organization, or ENDA gets passed, then I'll probably ditch the penname.