Sunday, April 11, 2010

My daughter, Brigid

My ex-wife, Angela, and I had 9 children. Our two youngest, Ryan, and Brigid were killed in a drunk driving crash in 1993. Ryan was 8 and Brigid was 5. Today, April 11, is Brigid's birthday. She would be 23 today.

Brigid was an Irish dancer and a wonderful sister to her older brothers and sisters. Unlike her older brother Ryan she loved physical affection and when I came home she would run and jump into my arms squealing, "DADDY!!!!" Her enthusiasm often startled me and filled me with a joy which I rarely feel. At 64 I don't have that any more and I remember it with gratitude and tenderness.

I wonder what she would be like as a 23 year old woman. I am sure like her older sisters she would be very special, loving, kind, smart, and a contribution to our human community on this planet.

As Ryan said to me in a dream, "Dad, intimacy is a matter of the heart!" and indeed it is.


  1. Hi David,
    My prayers go with you and your family. Blessings, BU

  2. I'm sorry about your loss. that sounds really painful. i recently lost my sweet old dog, teddy bear, and i found out so much about how my needs, my knowing of myself was attached to loving and caring for him. i posted about this on my blog if you're interested. blessings, katy

  3. A breath in, a breath out - holding you in this momment, David.

  4. I'm so sorry, David. I cannot imagine losing my son.

    A friend of mine was killed by a drunk driver when I was a child. I think a DWI conviction should carry the same penalty as attempted murder, and that society should be far more disapproving of any drunk driving, even if there was no fatal outcome on that particular occasion.

    3rd DWI. I'm horrified. Literally, I am filled with horror, and sadness.