Thursday, May 13, 2010

Moral Deficit Disorder - Immigration is a moral and spiritual issue

It is scary to watch what is going on in Arizona where a whole state makes it illegal for a person to be who they are.

These kind of laws mark the beginning of facism in the United States and will lead to our own version of Kristallnacht.

To have brown skin in Arizona leaves one vulnerable to police scrutiny and intervention, "Show Me Your Papers!!!"

Arizona has become a police state and John McCain is their senatorial representative. Supposing he had become President along with Palin - what would they be turning our county into?

The other scary thing is that according to polls, this law has the support of 51% of Americans who are willing to scapegoat very poor immigrants who do work they will not do in order to give them a sense of power and control over a country which is so misguided it is deteriorating before our very eyes.

The problems we are experiencing as Americans has nothing to do with immigration but rather with immoral foreign wars, capitalism out of control with investment banking, dependence on foreign oil, and materialism which cannot be sustained with global warming and climate change. Like animals we turn on each other rather than face and deal with the real problems. It is a case of the rich and powerful manipulating the weak and poor.

This is a moral and spiritual issue more than a legal and political one. How will we treat our fellow human beings? How will we treat our brothers and sisters on this planet. Jesus was pretty clear about this and the right wing's reponse to this is anything but Christian.

Tom Ashbrook had a great show on May 6,2010 on what's happening in Arizona. It lasts about 45 minutes. It is well worth listening to and you can by clicking here.


  1. I live and work in greater Los Angeles, and though there are plenty of reasons to criticize L.A., I'm proud of the city's response to the Arizona immigration law. Yesterday, the City Council voted to ban official travel to Arizona and block contracts with companies based in the state. What would happen if every major city in the U.S. did this?

  2. What would happen is the UUA did this?

  3. What would happen if every consumer refused to buy gas, heating oil, or other branded products from companies who drill off shore? Just askin'

  4. It makes me very uncomfortable that the boycott of Arizona is now apparently mandatory, rather than being a personal moral choice to stand against SR1070. It sounds great when the ban is in support of a cause we personally advocate, but what if it were not? What if, for instance, this terrible law were torn down by the people of Arizona and some city decided to BAN professional travel to Arizona because they believe we were wrong? I am uncomfortable enough with the boycott as it is, and even more so with the idea that it is apparently now compulsory in LA.

  5. A mass shift in public comprehension of this issue, from eco-nat-sec to emo-spiritual, IS possible! But ONLY if we do NOT recover to pre-recessionary levels of comfort. Continued suffering is required.

  6. Thanks, Natasha, for standing up for the rights of individual conscience.