Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Unitarian Universalist leadership in speaking out against racist immigration laws

James Ishmael Ford posts his letter on his blog which he sent to his local paper about the Rhode Island anti-immigration law which is proposed.

I am glad to see a UU minister take a stand against this bigotry such as that in Arizona which has been legalized. Who will be scapegoated next?

Thank you Rev. Ford.

Rev. Ford's letter and position raises questions for the rest of us Unitarian Universalists. Will we stand in solidarity with all of God's children against this kind of racial scapegoating? It kind of reminds me of the beginning of the anti-semitism perscutory behavior of the Nazi's in Germany in the 30s.

As Rev. Ford's letter points out it is easy for simple minded Americans in times of economic distress to find scapegoats for their antipathy because of their poor financial situations. Unfortunately, is their scapegoating not only racist but way off target. Immigrants are not the perpetrators of their woes. It is the corporations and the investment banks and the corrupt politicians who have been bought off by the corporations.

What we need in the United States is not anti-immigrant legislation but a populist uprising of working class people who demand better government not for the rich but for everyone.

Interestingly and glaringly overlooked is Jesus' teaching about how to treat the poor. Jesus said not one word about homosexuality or abortion or immigration but He said a whole lot about how to treat the poor and the need for economic justice not as a political issue but as a spiritual one. What I see as I look at this phenomenon of scapegoating immigrants is not so much racism, even though it is there, but glaring spiritual poverty in a land of plenty.

The spiritual empowerment of a nation comes from courageous leaders and I am proud as a Unitarian Universalist to count James Ishmael Ford as one.

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  1. I kinda liked Jon Stewart's characterization of Arizona in the wake of its anti-immigration law: "Arizona, the meth lab of democracy."