Monday, July 5, 2010

"Old age is your own creation.

It can be a misery, it can be a celebration; it can simply be a despair, and it can also be a dance. It all depends how deeply ready you are to accept existence, whatever it brings. Once day it will bring death too - accept it with gratitude."


Osho is a strange teacher. Very counter cultural. He says that life will bring you death inevitably and advises that it be accepted with gratitude.


Socrates did the same thing as did Jesus and to a lesser extent Martin Luther King, Jr.

What is it about enlightened people that they do accept death with gratitude?

Maybe, it is that they have fully lived. They have overcome and/or mastered their fears. They understand the "big picture" and are at peace with it. They have given up the ego and melded into a cosmic consciousness.

I am not there yet, this level of consciousness, but I aspire to it. I admire those who have attained it. They are my heroes. I want to be like them when I grow up.


  1. From what book of Osho's are you quoting?

  2. After Middle Age: A Limitless Sky, Chidvilas, Inc., Boulder, Co,1989