Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Passing the plate vs paying dues

Last night I was listening to an episode of Interfaith Voices from 11/03/10 and there was a segment about how churches raise revenue. Apparently it is common for Jewish Synagogues to charge dues rather than pass the plate. In fact, on the Sabbath Orthodox Jews are not suppose to even handle money. I wonder if there are any UU churches which charge dues rather than do a collection? I would think that doing a pledge drive which people usually pay in weekly or monthly installments is similar to paying dues.

You can listen to the show by clicking here.


  1. One way or another you've got to fork over the cabbage. Pay up, pal. Somebodies not to pay the electric bill. It don't come from god.

  2. The liberal Quaker meetings I'm familiar with also don't pass the plate. The financial health of the meeting is the responsibility of the members, who make an annual pledge. Regular attenders often pledge as well. In some meetings the announcements at the end will include instructions on how to make a contribution.

  3. I've been to an UU congregation where the plate (or rather large can) is not passed around, but put in a spot and mentioned and after the service, you can put something in it (or not).
    and yes, a pledge is the same thing as dues.