Friday, December 24, 2010

Things you should believe if you are a good Christian.

The world was created in six days.
There is no such thing as global warming.
Obama is a Muslim.
Obama was born in Kenya.
Obama wants women to have more abortions.
Gays are trying to take over America and induce people to change their sexual orientation.
Obama is the anti-christ.
Unbridled capitalism is Christian.
Guns keep people safe.
Taxing the rich is communism or socialism.
Capital punishment teaches people a lesson.
Immigrants are the enemy and the cause of America's many problems.
Universal health care is communist.
God hates fags.
If you don't agree with me you are a traitor and going to hell and it's okay, even my duty, to kill you.
Christians are misunderstood and persecuted by a godless American society.
The end times are coming soon so get saved and don't worry about our social problems.
Godliness and patriotism are the same thing.
God loves you and God hates you because of what you believe.
God needs money so tithe.


  1. Well ... tithing might be OK. But God shouldn't be asking for a starship:

  2. A couple of points:

    1. UU's need money so tithe.

    2. You are painting all Christians with a broad brush and that is just wrong. The talking points you listed may be spouted on Fox news every night but that doesn't mean that a majority of Christians believe them. I know a lot of Christians that would outright reject most if not all of these points.

    3. Steve, The Star Trek reference just made me laugh.

    Embrace the first principle my friend. It is Christmas time after all.

  3. As a Christian, and I think I'm a relatively good one, I don't believe much of what is printed above. Many of the people in my congregation don't believe it either. To be a Christian one must follow the teaching of Christ.

  4. you left out the core element of Christianity--original sin. this incomprehensibly odious theory posits the tiniest baby, seconds after birth is condemned with sin by virtue of being descendant from Adam.