Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quote of the day

"How does one hang in there with folks, patiently taking from the wreck of a lifetime of internalized shame, a sense that God finds them(us) wholly acceptable?"

Gregory Boyle, Tattoos Of The Heart, p.44

Isn't this the core of our Universalist faith? Carl Rogers called in "unconditional positive regard" and I was taught in my Social Work training to manifest a "nonjudgemental attitude" and "to take the client where they're at."

Boyle's question gets to the crust of the matter as he asks "how does one hang in there with folks?"

The key to being non judgemental is to get into and maintain a "non anxious presence" and how does one lower one's own anxiety and manage one's own fears so they do not get in the way of our relating and empathizing with others?

How does one manage fear and anxiety?

Alcohol, Xanax, Ativan, Sex, Work, Food, Gambling, Marijuana, Prayer, Fellowship, Being of Service, Nature, Solitude, skills of mastery, knowledge, a sense of the transcendent, a warm bath, sleep, cutting, compulsive behaviors, crying, clinging to delusions, singing, other.

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  1. Cutting?

    It works and seems to be a favorite of some teens especially the "emos" or "goths".

    When you look at the plethora of piercings and tatoos in our contemporary culture you have to wonder at the level of self hatred that generates such a desire to mutilate one's own God given body in the service of what?

    Love your articles and good to see you back. Your blog always makes me think.