Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Course In Miracles commentary #21 - Choose love

A Course In Miracles is very threatening to the ego because it says that the ego is not real, does not exist. Our individual identity is an illusion and as we become aware of this statement our fear arises.

In workbook lesson 240 it says "Fear is not justified in any form." and the ego mind immediately says, "yes, it is. It is justified continually in our live. You have millions of things to fear."

The first principle of our Unitarian Universalist faith is that covenant to affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person. We recognize that the Essential Self is the work of God and an extension of God's love, and how can that creation of God be harmed? As children of God and extensions of God's love we have nothing to fear and it is not justified in any form. We can choose choose love or fear, and we cannot serve two masters.

Our Universalist faith promotes the idea that we are all sons and daughters of God and we will all be with Him at the end of time. The ego mind has projected onto our anthropomorphic creation of God, a God of judgement, of damnation, but Univesalists have seen though the lies of the ego and rejected its fear mongering ideas and instead have participated in the Miracle of recognizing and acknowledging God's love which, in the end, is the only thing that is real.

The take away today is to several times today, when you are worried, anxious, feeling negative in any way, ask yourself, "Do I want to choose love or fear?" It's up to you to decide whether you will side with the ego-mind, or with your essential self.

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