Monday, August 29, 2011

A Course In Miracles commentary #22 - The forgiven release their brothers and sisters from their suffering

In our ego minds we are separated from God.

The principle of A Course In Miracles is that we all should be At-one-ment. The Atonement takes forgiveness. Once we have forgiven ourselves, our job is to help others.

It is written in T-1.III.3 "The forgiven are the means of the Atonement. 2 Being filled with spirit, they forgive in return. 3 Those who are released must join in releasing their brothers, for this is the plan of the Atonement. 4 Miracles are the way in which minds that serve the Holy Spirit unite with me for the salvation or release of all of God's creations."
UUs, like all human beings, are forgiven for their separation from God because, in reality, they could never separate themselves from Him since they are manifesting the Life Force. Not all UUs, though, are aware of this, and many, for now, may not even want forgiveness because they choose to maintain their separation.

When they do return to God, and our Universalist faith acknowledges that we all do sooner or later, they will be in the position to forgive in return and with the help of the Holy Spirit extend Miracles to their brothers and sisters. We acknowledge this and pledge our intention in the third principle when we covenant to affirm and promote the acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations and to share what we have come to know with others who think the world they have made is real.

The take away today is to continue to work on forgiveness by asking the inner Holy Spirit for help. Every time to forgive yourself and another a miracle occurs and time is shortened in our pursuit of the Atonement.

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