Monday, January 7, 2013

Grace - being aware of God's love in our lives and the lives of others

The theme for January, 2013, is grace. Will you write something about your experience of grace? Please. Here are my thoughts written down on 01/03/13 at 9; 40 PM

William James said that our experience comes from deciding what to pay attention to.

When we become aware of God's love for us, we experience God's grace. We do nothing to deserve it or earn it or buy it or persuade God to give it to us. It comes freely, unconditionally, and often catches us off guard. We are surprised by it, and filled with joy by it in astonishing ways. We feel humbled by it, and it brings tremendous peace and contentment.

Grace is paying attention to our experience of God's unconditional love. Grace turns around and lifts us up and we realize that we are loved.

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