Sunday, June 15, 2014

Church - Lot's of luck finding a place like that

"We should go to church," Alicia said. "I feel like something is missing."
"Fine," said Greg. "You pick the church. I'll go with you if you want."
"I don't really know where to start. Just pick one and go, I guess," said Alicia.
"What are you looking for?" asked Greg.
"Well, I'm not sure. I've been reading this book by some UU minister called, God Revised, and I kind of get his idea but it seems kind of fuzzy, and I don't know what kind of a church there is that meets his description of what church should be," said Alicia.
"Oh yeah, that's the gratitude guy, right, in New York City," said Greg?
"Right. He says we are dependent on everything. We are born dependent on others and as we age we become dependent on others again, and most of us don't acknowledge that our independence is only a temporary idea in the middle of a long life," said Alicia.
"You looking for a church that's going to take care of you," asked Greg?
"No, I'm not looking for a social services agency, if that's what you mean. I'm just looking for a place where I feel I belong, where I can fit in, where I can say what I really think and feel without people judging me, and where I can share my hopes and dreams and people will be excited for me and me for them, and we all have this sense that we are in this thing called life together and are willing to help each other to become better people, and maybe that is too much to hope for because it probably doesn't exist and I'll never find it," said Alicia.
"You are a dreamer, Alicia, lots of luck finding a place like that," Greg said laughing.

My Kind Of Church Music - Church, Lyle Lovett

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  1. My kind of church! To the Lord let praises be, it's time for dinner let's go eat! Sounds like the UU coffee hour time!