Sunday, June 8, 2014

Letter to the editor - God Revised could be used as the basis for a study group

Dear David:

Thank you for choosing Galen Guengerich's book, God Revised, for your book of the month. I don't know if I would have read it otherwise and now, having finished, it, I consider it one of the most important books on religion I have read in quite some time.

Guengerich is personal, thoughtful, philosophical, theological, literary and puts it all together in an informative, and understandable way. His main idea seems to be that the Supernatural God is dead, but that a new understanding of what the word, God, means would be important for the future of humanity. In his argument, Guengerich is on the cutting edge of being a modern myth maker suggesting elements of a new cosmic story we could be, should be, telling ourselves about who we are and what kind of a future we should be creating.

It is rare to see the thoughtful kind of discussion you are publishing in this kind of media (blogs), and I have found the thoughtfulness of the articles and comments helpful in shaping my own thinking on very difficult topics. Guengerich's book would be a great book for at least a book discussion group, if not for a longer study group. Perhaps some of your articles here could be used to stimulate such discussion. Thank you for your good work.

Sincerely yours,

Russell Anderson

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  1. Thank you Mr. Russell for your letter and your suggestion about using God Revised for a book discussion and/or a study group. The ideas are very interesting and it would seem benefit from wide discussion and circulation.


    David Markham


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