Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Story of the day - Butterflies and feminazies

"What do you think of that book, Flight Behavior?" asked Alex.

"I didn't read it all," said Brian. "Why would she ask us to read a book about butterflies? Jesus!"

"It really wasn't about butterflies  and you'd know that if you'd read it," said Alex.

"Yes, it was. Did you read it, dork face?" said Brian.

"It's about climate change and how it's affecting life on this planet," said Alex. "The butterflies are just an example, an artistic device, to tell the story."

"Chic lit, if you ask me. I swear you're gay," said Brian.

"How are you going to pass the exam when you don't even get the point of the book?" asked Alex.

"Who gives a shit. I'm cutting class that day, anyway, to go hunting. Deer season opens Friday."

"You're going to take a zero to go hunting?" asked Alex.

"Hell yeah. I can't believe that witch would schedule an exam on the first day of the season. She knows a lot of us guys hunt," said Brian.

"Well, she grew up in Boston, I think. Went to Bryn Mawr, or Vassar or one of the those Ivy League schools for women. She doesn't know about our lives here that well yet. She's only been here teaching for a couple of years. I think this is her second year," said Alex.

"Well she needs to get with the program, ya know, and quit with the butterfly shit already. My parents are paying good money for me to go here and if they knew what I was being forced to learn they'd probably be upset like Rush that these professors are all liberals and the women are feminazies," said Brian.


  1. Rush Limbaugh is a clown, a court jester, don't you think? It's hard to believe that anyone takes him very seriously until you find someone who does and when you talk to a "ditto head" it seems they are somewhat unbalanced.

    Rush does give us something to compare and contrast to and so he provides a public service spouting the ridiculous opinions, beliefs, and values that he does. Perhaps his nonsense helps us UU become stronger in our principles because we have something to contrast them with. Long live the Rush Limbaugh's, the Sean Hannity's, the Michael Savages, the Bill O'Reilly's the Ann Coulters and all the other folks who make manifest the greedy, selfish, dog eat dog side of human nature.

  2. Attitudes like Brian's exemplifying values of a patriarchal society are what make me cringe being more sympathetic to feminist values which treats all people with dignity and respect, and life as well. I admire Alex's patience and forbearance whom might label as an asshole. It takes compassion for Alex to treat his acquaintance, friend, college room mate? with respect.

    Brian's attitude doesn't change the truth of the situation whether he is mature enough to understand and appreciate it or not.

    Rush Limbaugh has done our country and the people of the world a disservice with his bigoted attitude for which he does not take responsibility saying that he is an entertainer not a journalist. His irresponsibility is what made Dr. Byron's blood boil, Dellarobia confused, and Cub, Bear, and Hester bamboozled.

    Like P.T. Barnum supposedly said, "A sucker is born every minute." Indeed!


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