Monday, July 7, 2014

Thought for the day - Religious or crazy?

"Now you're talking crazy. Is this something religious?"

Barbara Kingsolver

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  1. UUs tend to be skeptical, if not cynical, and more empirically oriented than their fellow citizens who, as we learned in the days of George W. Bush, do not live on the same reality based planet as we do. To a UU it seems appropriate that Dovey ask Dellarobia is she is going crazy or religious. Like most UUs would do, she denies both and aware that it is neither. St. Paul said something, I believe, about becoming fools for Christ. Maybe that is what is happening to Dellarobia. She is becoming a holy fool.

    Thanks for choosing this book to discuss this month. I am enjoying it immensely, both the book and the discussion articles.


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