Friday, July 11, 2014

Thought for the day - UUs must show the world the way

"Unlike sheep though we are conscious creatures who can influence to some extent our own fate and whether this new fate will be founded on love, compassion, and justice or on attack, jealousy, and oppression remains to be seen. It is in our hearts and hands as Unitarian Universalists to show the world that there is a better way."

David Markham, UU A Way Of Life, 07/11/14


  1. I don't know if UUs have the "right stuff" to lead the way. I don't see much leadership material in the pool. The "yeast in the dough" metaphor has been used on this blog before, but whether there is enough yeast in the dough to make it rise remains to be seen. It will take some stepping up and for the most part contemporary UUs don't seem to have what it takes. Maybe, and hopefully, I am wrong. This blog is the one of the few places I am seeing any consistent and strong voice on these matters. Keep up the good work.

  2. Dave, are you aware of the work of Corrine Ware on Spiritual Types? It you know her model which spiritual type do think would be most likely to provide leadership? I'm thinking it's type 4 which is usually the lowest percentage wise of the 4 types. These people tend to be crusadors and activists when it comes to social justice. Like Jesus they would be the type to turn over the money lenders tables in the temple. This is known as the "fringe" element and probably frighten most UUs who at best will take a tolerant distance and at worse drive them from the congregation as "boat rockers" and "going to fast" and not being "patient enough".

    Interested in yours or anyone else's thoughts.