Thursday, November 27, 2014

UUs do have a good sense of humor.

Are you a UU yahoo?

As a former Roman Catholic I miss a lot of things about my old church like the liturgy which can be beautiful, and the sacraments which help people at times of life transitions. But I have never found any group of people who can laugh at themselves like UUs can and I find it very endearing and charming. It is a grace not to take oneself and one's ego too seriously, Here's what Wes Nisker says about it in the introduction to his book, The Essential Crazy Wisdom:

"...and the most appropriate response to each other is compassion and a sharing of laughter. After all, we really don't have a clue as to what is going on here, if anything, and most likely we aren't really in charge of very much of it anyway, and in the end the joke seems to be on all of us. Knowing tht, we can relax a little and dispense with any blame. So far, as human beings, our greatest gifts, aside from the ability to make good painkillers, are our feelings of love and senses of humor. This book is a tribute to those qualities, as they have so generously appeared in members of our species." p.7

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