Friday, February 6, 2015

Why UUs do social justice work

by Meghan McCarthy

Today, Thursday, 02/05/15, there was a discussion between two friends about what it means to be a Unitarian Univeralist in the world. Bob said that to do social justice for social justice's sake is not the work of Unitarian Universalism. There are many secular agencies better equipped to do the job. However to do social justice as an expression of Unitarian Universalist values is to do holy work.

Holy work is not defined solely by the activity being done, but by the motivating sentiment and intention of the actor. Some social justice work can be done for mercenary intentions, to make money. Some social justice work can be done for power to dominate a subordinate so that the superior can have control. Some social justice work can be done for self glory and status enhancement.

Holy work is done by Unitarian Universalists because we covenant together to promote and affirm seven principles. We do this social justice work because of our faith and not to obtain some sort of success or desired result. The results are in God's hands or the hands of the universe. Holy social justice work is done to be faithful not to be successful.

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