Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pope Francis like John Paul II, and Benedict XVI have denounced the death penalty - pass the word

From Commonweal Magazine, March 20, 2015, "From Trastevere To Texas: Sant'Egidio's Campaign Against The Death Penalty" p. 15

In 2014 Francis followed John Paul II and Benedict XVI in denouncing the death penalty as a violation of civilized norms and our common humanity. It was the strongest statement against the death penalty the church has ever made.

Is the use of the death penalty against the first principle of UU, the inherent worth and dignity of every person? Should all UUs stand in solidarity with Pope Francis and the Catholic Church on this issue? If we remove the possibility of exoneration and redemption by killing a person what does that say about our faith? If Universalists believe in the unconditional love of God for all of God's creations no matter how heinous their behavior what does this belief call us to do when we are faced with atrocities?

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