Friday, March 20, 2015

Responsibility for the formation of one's own conscience is a value that Roman Catholicism and Unitarian Universalism hold in common

From Commonweal Magazine, March 20, 2015, "Does Method Matter: Contraception and Catholic Identity" by Christopher C. Roberts, p.17

Catholics believe in the primacy of an “informed conscience,” but, in this case, I doubt the relevant information has been effectively conveyed

One normally has to seek out such information for oneself.

The ignorance of Catholics on this subject indicates a massive catechetical failure. 

As a Roman Catholic Unitarian Universalist I am gratified by the statements that Christoper Roberts makes in his article about the responsibility of Catholics to inform their own consciences. This teaching, so similar to the UU fourth principle, "the free and responsible search for truth and meaning," kept me in the RC fold much longer than I would have stayed had it not been for the Catholic support for the informed conscience. It is this respect for the responsible informing of one's own conscience that RC and UU have in common.

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