Wednesday, March 11, 2015

UU & ACIM - God cannot take responsibility for what you've done

The fourth miracle principle in A Course In Miracles is:

All miracles mean life, and God is the Giver of life. 2 His Voice will direct you very specifically. 3 You will be told all you need to know.

This principle is confusing because it does not seem to describe our experience. We do not hear God's voice specifically and being anxious and lost most of the time we don't feel and believe we are told what we need to know. The reason for this bafflement is that we are thinking about the principle on the ego plane and not on the spiritual plane.

The ego believes it has certain problems which the Course teaches us aren't real, we have created them in our heads. Indeed, we do create our own hell because of our attachments, our grasping, our sense of lack and scarcity. Our ego then screams, gimme! gimme! gimme!. Our fears and our anger over what we perceive as deprivation blocks our awareness of Love's presence. A small shift to the spiritual plan changes all that. We realize that we are part of God, part of the All, and in this cosmic consciousness we realize that fundamentally we have every thing we need, because as the Universalists have taught us, God loves us unconditionally even if our ego is distressed that it doesn't have everything it wants. Whose fault is this? It is certainly not God's fault. God didn't make the ego, you did. God cannot take responsibility for what you've done. God gives us free will after all and you can do as you please.

However, if we set aside our ego desires, hates, resentments, God is there for us and will direct us specifically to love as God loves and that is, really, all we need to know. In shifting to the spiritual plane from the ego plane we become aware that we, like everyone in the world, have inherent worth and dignity and in this inherency there is no lack but eternal life. The first principle of Unitarian Universalism brings us home once again to the Source of our lives.

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