Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What Universalists know - that the way to be happy is to do good.

Rev. Richard Trudeau writes in his book, Univeralism 101 that the way to be happy is to do good.

"The loving God of Universalism wants people to be happy in this life, too. To use Hosea Ballou's wonderful coinage, God wants to 'happify' people now. So, God has given us such a nature that we find doing good to be deeply and lastingly satisfying.

In Universalism, the reward for doing good is not salvation in a possible next life but happiness in this one." p. 20

Increasingly these is social science research which has proven this point over and over again that the happiest people are givers not takers. The giving is not so much for the beneficiary but for oneself.

Rev. Kaaren Anderson at First Unitarian in Rochester, NY has said, and I am sure it is not unique to her, that UU is not so much about getting people into heaven but heaven into people.

Are you a generous tipper? Do you give a compliment when you see something done well or you appreciate something as a result of another's efforts? These actions of generosity make us all richer both giver and receiver. This way of thinking is antithetical to the myth or scarcity and the fear of lack.

As Tracy Chapman sings all that you have is your soul and your soul is expanded by its generosity of spirit.

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