Monday, August 28, 2017

What are you afraid of?

Be careful and mindful of what you fear. Your fears have consequences especially the unreal which are far more worse than the real.

Of course, at the spiritual level, as Universalists know and teach, there is nothing to fear but, as Frankin Delano Roosevelt said, fear itself.


  1. Lewis Lapham wrote: "Fear itself these days is America’s top-selling consumer product, available 24-7
    as mobile app with color-coded pop-ups in all shades of the paranoid rainbow. Ready
    to hand at the touch of a screen, the turn of a phrase, the nudge of a tweet. "

  2. As A Course In Miracles teaches the opposite of Love is not hate but fear. Hate is based in fear. "Anger management" misses the point. Anger is not to be "managed" but overcome. Jesus said we are to love our enemies but in order to do this we must overcome our fears. Willam Westmoreland, the U.S. general in Viet Nam, said in 1966 that "War is fear cloaked in courage." I would say that war is feared cloaked in stupidity and folly as Ursula LeGuin says in your quote above.

  3. Americans get wipped into a fearful frenzy by the media because they have lost any sense of integrity. The fake news sells the fear of the day.

  4. "I ain't afeard of nuthin," said my pappy when he was drunk. We put him to bed before he could get boisterous and abusive. Of course, he was very afraid most of all of his own inadequacy and inferiority and his bragging and bravado reminded me of the line from McBeth that "the lady doth protesteth too much."

    Alcohol has been called "liquid courage" and people will do all kinds of things drunk they would never do sober.