Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Are white people worthy of redemption?

From Krista Tippet's interview with Ruby Sales on On Being on 08/27/17

Where Does It Hurt?
The civil rights icon Ruby Sales names “a spiritual crisis of white America”
as a calling of this time. During the days of the movement,
she learned to ask the question, “Where does it hurt?” It’s a question we scarcely
know how to ask in public life now, but it gets at human dynamics that we are
living and reckoning with. A probing conversation at a convening of 20
theologians seeking to reimagine the public good of theology for this century.

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  1. Ms Sales is onto something in asking "Where does it hurt?" If Democrats had asked this question of Red states citizens they might have won the election, but alas they focused on a more self serving agenda which was a disaster for their success.

    1. It seems that most of our politics these days especially with the money involved is played in the interest of special interest groups rather than the citizens who elected them. The democratic process that UUs promote and affirm has been so corrupted that it is hardly recognizable as their principle intends. It would be helpful if UUs would teach more about what true democracy entails and how to promote and implement it.