Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Living the UU way of life took UUs and UU leaders to Charlottesville

LaShawn Warren in his article, "Race and the credibility of the church" asks where the church leaders are in the face of President Trump's racist remarks after Charlottesville? There was more of a reaction from the business community than from the religious community.

"In that light, perhaps more disturbing than the president’s racially insensitive remarks has been the response from key leaders within the faith community. In a complete rejection of Christian teachings, several members of the president’s evangelical advisory board—comprised of faith leaders charged with providing a moral and spiritual compass for the world—rushed to the president’s defense, an act tantamount to theological negligence. A few condemned the rally, but many faith leaders remained silent and simply watched from the sidelines as the national tragedy unfolded. None of the board members criticized Trump for his divisive comments, and all but one chose to remain on the board. This stands in sharp contrast to the White House business council members who, in a strong rebuke of the president’s response to Charlottesville, resigned in rapid succession."

It is inspiring to read that UUs are in the forefront of protesting Trump's support for White Nationalism and racist bigotry.

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