Wednesday, December 6, 2017

First week of advent - Wednesday

Are we body or spirit? We are both, but which is more important? Which is the means and which is the end? Does the body exist to enable the spirit or does the spirit exist to enable the body?

There are times in life when we have to choose our focus. We have to decide which we will champion. Do we free the body or the spirit? Jesus chose the spirit and we still tell the story over 2,000 years later.

The myth is that God so loves the world that He incarnated the divine in His main child, Jesus. We have made Jesus into someone special almost ultra human, different from the rest of us. But Jesus tells us in A Course In Miracles that this mythic belief is not true. He is no different from the rest of us. We are all brothers. Jesus, though, became enlightened, and as an older more enlightened brother he tries to help us find the way to enlightenment as well. Jesus continually taught us that the spirit is free while the body is subject to physical constraints.

During advent we remember these lessons: that love and freedom are a free gift to our spirits if we could give up the idolatry of the body which is simply a means of communication.

UUs covenant together to affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person. This affirmation and promotion comes to a crescendo at this time of the year. Let us be clear, though, that this is about our spirits not about our bodies. It is about fellowship of all of humanity as we join together in peace and joy in our mutual creation.


  1. Never do anything with your body you wouldn't want to explain to the paramedics.

  2. Cindy: What do you call a monkey in a suit and tie, up in a tree?

    Bill: Branch manager