Saturday, December 16, 2017

Second week of advent - Saturday

At this time of year as we become more conscious of the divine within and among us, we are looking for unconditional love. Unconditional love is love without ego and judgement.

Do you know anyone who loves unconditionally? Have you ever loved unconditionally? When you encounter unconditional love there is an unmistakable fragrance and vibration experienced. It is what we call peace, joy, comfort, bliss, flow. We remember that this is our natural inheritance.

Jesus said that God is love. Unconditional love is what Jesus was talking about. He didn't bring it to us. It already was with us. We just didn't recognize and acknowledge it before. The God of the old testament was judgmental and full of wrath and condemnation. Jesus raised our consciousnesses. Jesus called His God, "Abba," which, I am told, is best translated as "Daddy."

Christmas, the birth of Jesus, is the time of year when He recall that Jesus came to remind us that there is Unconditional Love in the world. We just need to tune in.

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