Sunday, December 31, 2017

UUAWL Weekly report 12/24/17 - 12/30/17

Weekly report from UUAWOL 12/24/17 - 12/30/17


  1. During the week of 12/24/17 - 12/30/17 UUAWOL received 1662 views up 416 from the previous week.
  2. The heaviest viewing day was Thursday, 12/28/17, with 354 views an all time high.
  3. The average number of views per day was 237 while the average number of views the preceding week was 178.
  1. There was a movement from the series on Advent to Prophetic voices and events which will continue throughout the year.
  2. There was a continuation on the spirituality series with the goal of providing ways of thinking about one's spiritual life tied to the UU seven principles and the six sources.
  3. There was a continuation of the Question Of The Day series which was focused primarily on key terms and ideas in a theological dictionary which UUAWOL is developing.
  4. There was a continuation of the In Case You Were Wondering series to bring laughter and humor to the absurdity, incongruity, and paradox we encounter in the ego world. If we can overcome our guilt and shame we can experience more cheerfulness and with cheerfulness comes laughter and a sense of humor is an extremely important spiritual quality that can be intentionally cultivated.
  5. The prophetic voices and events column was deliberately refocused from prophetic women and men to prophetic voices and events. This change in focus was described in an article published on 12/27/17.
  6. Interest was expressed in a comment made on the article about Noah Worcester on 12/28/17 about starting the Worcester peace society by a person named Charlie. It seemed like an interesting idea but there were no further comments.
  7. There has been some preliminary discussion among UUAWOL followers about starting a Unitarian Universalist mission society to deliberately begin to proselytize, something which UUs have traditionally eschewed.
Plans - Short term
  1. Continue with the daily columns on Question of The Day, In Case You were Wondering, Prophetic voices and events, and the spiritual life.
  2. Continue to assess how viewership can be increased.
  3. Continue to solicit feedback via comments on the blog.

Plans - long term
  1. Build a model of UU theology
  2. Create a dictionary of UU terms
  3. Develop a compendium of possible practices to enhance the spiritual life
  4. Further develop an articulation of the values that comprise a good life.


  1. Thank you for your weekly reports. I admire what you are doing and trying to accomplish. I have been solicited so many times at the end of the year for contributions and I notice you have asked for nothing. What's up?

  2. Dear Carl:

    Your comments are the best contribution. I appreciate your taking the time to share feedback and your ideas. These are more valuable than money.

    Have a great New Year!


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