Sunday, December 24, 2017

Weekly report from UUAWOL 12/24/17

During the past week from Sunday, 12/17/17 - Saturday, 12/23/17, UUAWOL, received 1246 views with the highest view day on Sunday, 12/17/17, with 247. The average daily number of views is 178. The article with the most views was "How many U.U.s are born again," posted on Wednesday 12/20/17.

During this week there were a series of articles on advent with the major theme of the re-membering of the divine within us. The divine light is again being focused on because of the solstice as the earth turns in its annual cycle. Jesus is the symbol of the divine incarnation in all of humanity.

There were quotes from Osho about the importance of meditation in becoming aware of our true nature.

A Course in Miracles teaches us that Love is our natural inheritance but the ego blocks this awareness with the drama in the world.

Our UU principles help us appreciate our spiritual natures and help us focus on what really matters if we are to create a satisfying and fulfilling life.

This coming week we will celebrate Christmas and continue to reflect on the divine sparks within each of us. UUAWOL, ending the advent series, will now focus on a year long series on prophetic women and men and events which facilitate the path to the At-one-ment when everybody loves everybody all the time.

Unitarian Universalism is bubbling with good news which can raise the awareness and consciousness of humankind onto a better track to achieve heaven on earth. You can help by extending any of the ideas found here you find helpful to others.

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  1. Pretty impressive. Thank you for your good work. Have a wonderful holiday.


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