Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Prophetic voices and events - Dave Eggers, The Circle

Reading literature is sometimes like looking into a mirror. We read the story and we see ourselves in it. The Circle by Dave Eggers left me chilled. Is a story about a 20 something female who gets a job at a tech company like Google. It is called The Circle and is more like a cult.

So much of this young woman's involvement as a customer service rep for this company sent chills up my spine not so much about the world we are creating for ourselves, but the world we are in already. Now that we learn about the Russians use of social media to meddle in our National election this story is even more prophetic.

With a prophetic mindset reading this novel becomes a prophetic novel of the moral dilemmas we are facing.

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  1. The Circle is interesting and yet very disturbing in how robotic social media has taken over our consciousnesses. I highly recommend this book. Thank you for bringing it up here.


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