Saturday, January 13, 2018

Prophetic voices and events - Poor People's Campaign 2018


  1. The poor people's campaign restores my faith in humanity in these dark days of Trumpism. If there is a shithole of a country it is what Trump has done to America.

  2. People coming together to care for one another in spite of the immoral and failure of our national leaders is very gratifying. It is heartening to be a part of such a positive movement to improve things for people in America. Change comes about not from the top down but from the bottom up person to person.

  3. People just want things to be fair, to be just. Are things fair and just in America? Donald Trump and his supporters are turning the country into a shithole. It's time for good people to step up and help each other. The billionaires and powerful are not going to do it for us. It is time for us all to join together to bring about a positive change in this country. We must move forward not backward as President Trump wants us to do.


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