Monday, January 15, 2018

Question of the day

We are told in spiritual teachings that we, humans, have an inner voice. This inner voice has been called "the muse," our intuitive mind, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, a "coincidence," a "synchonicity," our inner teacher, the "ground of being," our inner well, our center, etc. The issue is about the ego leading us astray, and our desire to discern God's will. How do you access this inner voice? What is you interior spiritual life like?


  1. Accessing the inner voice is nothing complicated. Just ask and then shut down your thoughts and listen.

  2. I hear the inner voice in music, music which moves me. There is something very basic to it. Good music takes me inward.

  3. The spirit speaks to me when I'm writing. I get inspired to write things I otherwise would not think of. It is kind of a mysterious process for me.


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