Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Spiritual practice of the day #23 Master your fears.

Examine your life for your fears. What do you fear? When you have identified one or two things figure out a couple of ways to master it. If you cannot find any ways ask someone you trust for help.

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  1. Anxiety disorders are the most prevalently diagnosed psychiatric disorders in the United States and the predominate "treatment" or mistreatment is drugs. And of course, even without a prescription for psychotropic medication people self medicate all the time with alcohol, pot, opiates, pornography, work, gambling, video games, text messaging, etc. Recent studies show that social media makes people more anxious and depressed rather then less even though the short term hope in using social media is relief from anxiety. The major reasons for the anxiety disorders in the U.S. are not psychological but spiritual. The spiritual poverty in the U.S. is staggering. Only in a democratic country experiencing great spiritual poverty could a person with Donald Trump's character get elected to be its leader.


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