Thursday, January 4, 2018

Suggested Spiritual Practices #4 - Random acts of kindness

One day this week, perform five acts of kindness—all five in one day. It doesn’t matter if the acts are big or small, but it is more effective if you perform a variety of acts.
The acts do not need to be for the same person—the person doesn’t even have to be aware of them. Examples include feeding a stranger's parking meter, donating blood, helping a friend with a chore, or providing a meal to a person in need.
After each act, write down what you did in at least one or two sentences; for more of a happiness boost, also write down how it made you feel.
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Editor's note:
Kindness should be a way of life not just some random acts, but a practice has to start somewhere. So start with 5 random acts of kindness in a single day and then go from there. The more practice the better you will get at it. It will become a natural way of life.


  1. I have done some random acts of kindness when this became popular and meme a few years ago, but I have tried 5 in one day. What an idea! I'm going to try this and see what happens. It's kind of like Secret Santa all year round.

  2. I tried this today and I have had a lot of fun. It is not hard to do five and you stay aware of your intention all day. The practice definitely helped me have a more enjoyable, interesting day. I am thinking I might do this again tomorrow. I don't know if I could do it every day, but it definitely is a positive change in the way I have been living my life. The fact that this is a researched based practice and not just pie in the sky psychobabble has given me more confidence in implementing the practice and more validation when I find it is helpful.


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