Sunday, February 25, 2018

Laughing our way into heaven

Osho says,

 "Religion is dead without laughter. It becomes alive only when you can have a total laugh, a passionate, intense laugh, so that it dances in all your cells, it vibrates in your whole being. Then it becomes something bigger than you, so that you are just a small thing in it; it surrounds you like an aura and you disappear into it.

 That’s exactly what happens in laughter: your ego disappears. It may not disappear in your prayer; your prayer may even strengthen it. The prayerful become holier-than-thou. It will not go away because of your authorities and asceticism – it is even more solid and concrete. But when you have a good laugh, the ego is no longer there. For a moment a window opens, for a moment the ego is not there. And when the ego is not there, you are.

 Osho. First in the Morning: 365 Uplifting Moments to Start the Day Consciously p.51 Osho Media International.

  Editor's note:

 I agree with Osho. Without laughter religion is dead.

UUAWOL will be posting more articles that hopefully will make readers laugh.

More than laugh, I hope they will help the reader see things in a little different way.

 There is laughter that puts people down and makes the laugher feel better about him/herself at the targets expense. UUAWOL will be avoiding this kind of laughter.

What UUAWOL is after is the laughter that recognizes the absurdity and incongruity of our thoughts and minds. It is with this recogntion that we get a glimpse beyond the ego.

It is in sharing these kinds of jokes that the laughter doubles and becomes even more precious.

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