Sunday, February 4, 2018

UUAWOL weekly report for week of 01/28/18

Weekly report from UUAWOL 01/28/18 – 02/03/18

1.    During the week of 01/28/18 – 012/03/18  UUAWOL received 1995 views up 889 from the previous week.
2.    The heaviest viewing day was Thursday, 02/01/18 with 941 views.
3.    The average number of views per day was 285 while the average number of views the preceding week was 158.

1.    The statistics reporting views above are very misleading. There were 635 views on Tuesday probably because of the Michael Moore video on the Women’s march the previous Saturday. Viewers accessed this page because of an interest in Michael Moore not Unitarian Universalism. The same thing happened on Thursday with 941 views of the video about the net neutrality whopper at Burger King. This very large viewing days probably had nothing to do with Unitarian Universalism.
2.    Since eliminating the columns on Question of The Day, and In Case You Were Wondering, views have dropped, but they were dropping already so it is hard to know the impact of their discontinuation. It is intended that the UU A Way Of Life blog be for people looking for stimulation for the serious study of UU theology and not just entertainment. UUAWOL is willing to sacrifice quantity for quality.

Plans - Short term
            While the columns on Question of the Day, and In Case You Were Wondering were discontinued the columns on Prophetic Voices and Spiritual Practices will continue but not on a daily basis. Also, a new column on the Interior Spiritual Life has been added.

Plans - long term
1.    Build a model of UU theology
2.    Create a dictionary of UU terms
3.    Further develop an articulation of the values that comprise a good life.
4.    Describe and encourage deliberate practice of an interior spiritual life.

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