Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Brockport man upset that his doctor won't prescribe his favorite drugs.

Brockport, NY - Brockport man upset that his doctor won't prescribe his favorite drugs.

Bret has been on Oxycontin for his back pain, and Klonapin for his anxiety and sleep problems for years. "Yeah, "I might have taken extras when the pain or the anxiety is really bad, but the Doc seems to think I'm a drug addict."

"He told me to take up exercise and meditation! Can you believe that shit," Bret said?

Pastor Beverly replied, "Perhaps prayer would help?"

"You're a UU aren't you?" Brett said exasperated. "I'm a freakin atheist, ya know. We don't pray. Jesus!"

Pastor Beverly said, "How about therapy?"

"You think I'm crazy!!??" yelled Brett.

"Oh, no. I'm sorry," said Pastor Beverly. "Perhaps finding another doctor who will continue your prescriptions would be the way to go."

"Pastor Bev, you're the best!" said Brett.


  1. Pastor Bev felt good about her use of her assertiveness skills when she challenged the Rite Aide cashier about the price of the Fiber One bars which had been advertised as on sale.

  2. Trump voter and NRA memberMarch 13, 2018 at 11:00 PM

    Brett said he wanted a gun to keep himself safe. "You just never know he said who's going to attack you." Brett suggested to Pastor Bev that she arm herself so she could protect the congregation if any maniac came in to shoot up the church. Brett told her that between her and him they could handle any "demented asshole."

    1. I heard that Brett had a problem getting a pistol permit so he bought an AR-15 at a gun show. "It's a little bulky to carry around," said Bret, "but it gets the job done."


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