Monday, March 12, 2018

There are teachers of God among us to help us find our way

Unitarian Universalists covenant together to affirm and promote the acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth. This encouragement requires that all UUs become teachers of God.

There are many ways to remembering the Love of God. And there are many teachers of these ways. They all lead to the same place, the experience of the Oneness of God's creation.

This experience arises when the blocks and obstacles to the awareness of Its presence are removed. What are the signs of this experience? The signs are peace, bliss, and gratitude.

The teachers of God hasten the experience by taking steps to help us remove the blocks and obstacles to the awareness.

The idols of the world that we worship bring a weariness to our souls that fill us with anguish and sometimes suicidal thoughts. We get to the point at which we don't want to go on. It dawns on us that there must be a better way. With this dawning, there is a turning to the search, and when we begin seeking, the teacher of God appears to guide us on better way.

The teacher of God may say a word, perform a kindness, manifest an example that removes a block or obstacle to our awareness of Love's presence. The teacher of God may not know what (s)he's lesson has meant to us and done for us, but a miracle has occurred. A breach between our detour on the path of the ego from the path of the spirit has been repaired and we feel we are back on the right track.

Teachers of God are a blessing in the world. They continue to learn right along with us. Helping us, helps themselves, and their work on themselves, helps us.

We are here, in this world, to learn. What we chose to learn makes the difference. Do we want to study and learn the ways of the ego, or do we want to study and learn the ways of the spirit? Do we want to continue our separation from God, or learn how to return to the Divine? The choice is ours to make and there are teachers of God among us to help.

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  1. Thank you for this. I've never thought of myself as being a teacher of God before but I understand now that that is what I aspire to and try to do. This blog has been very helpful to me on my spiritual journey. thank you for all that you do.


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