Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Quiz #4 - What usually triggers the dawning?

The stage of spiritual development called the search follows “the dawning” and “the turning”. The dawning which triggers the turning often is generated by:

1. The urging of others.
2. Disillusionment
3. Scripture study
4. Marketing efforts of a religious organization

The answer is in the comments.


  1. The correct answer is #2, disillusionment.

    People often become depressed, anxious, perplexed, irritable, and negative. They finally get to the point at which with exasperation they think, "There must be a better way!" It is with this expression of disillusionment with how things have been that they turn from the path of the ego and begin searching on the path of the spirit.

    This disillusionment has been called many things "mid life crisis," "nervous breakdown," "dark night of the soul," "hitting bottom," etc.

  2. Sean was still waiting for his girlfriend to say that one thing which would make things okay again.


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